Our Mission

  • To work towards economic independence of our workforce and to challenge the power structures that deprive them of their rights to a healthy livelihood

  • To provide equal opportunities to women and to provide a supporting working environment

  • To produce environment friendly, sustainable and organic clothing products

  • To raise awareness towards fair trade practices, efficient and healthy working conditions, fair wages practices

  • To supply to our consumers good quality, durable and organic clothes and make them a part of our global movement of fair trade

  • Use organic and natural fibres like cotton and linen, reduce the use of plastic

  • To spearhead the movement of ethical fashion in the industry

Fair Trade

Have you ever thought that your one purchase decision can affect the life of a person who is miles away and struggling to make his basic ends meet? We are oblivious to this reality as there is hardly any visibility of this person to us as end consumers.

Fairtrade is a vehicle of supporting and respecting the rights of these workers. It is a global movement that aims to works towards sustainability and measuring our everyday choices of products we consume. It is an assurance of the fact that the product is made in a more ethical way, which supports better working conditions, improves livelihoods, and protects the environment. By choosing us, you are not only working towards the global movement of positive change but also promote environmental sustainability and ethical practices.

  • Empowerment is at the core of Fair Trade
  • It positively impacts the lives of workers who are working very hard in producing materials for us to consume. It helps in setting humane work conditions for workers across various sectors
  • Promotes fair treatment and better working conditions for workers
  • Promotes environmental friendly and ethical practices

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion provokes us to pay attention not only to the quality of the garments, but also the entire supply chain, production processes, and product afterlife. We have to understand that a supply chain on its own is an ecosystem that must be sustained and supported throughout. We must design, develop and consume keeping these in mind and for the world to see true environmental impact.

Sustainable fashion is not just a concept but a movement and process of fostering change, producing more organic products, and encouraging environmental friendly practices. It is important for consumers to think about how their one purchase decision can affect the environment as well as improve the lives of workers who are eventually making it.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We ensure that women who are working with us are given fair wages, permanent jobs, adequate living facilities, and suitable working conditions. We avoid the use of microplastic or any other hazardous materials and use organic fibers like cotton, linen, and others.

Small steps make a big difference

It’s easy to forget the impact of purchase or the power you have as a consumer. There are small steps we can take each day to pave the path toward a more sustainable fashion future.

Inculcating eco-conscious behavior and adopting it when you purchase a product can make a huge difference. Being mindful of fabrics while purchasing new products is one small step to make a difference.

We are committed to change the way clothes are made and use some of the most sustainable materials having natural fibers like cotton, hemp, linen. Methods of producing these fibers are environment friendly and this automatically makes it a sustainable choice for us.

Ethical Fashion

We as a business have to explore ways of becoming sustainable to minimize resource use and pollution, improve the safety of workers and ensure the right of consumers to make an informed choice.

We work with economically disadvantaged women and empower them to combat poverty, strengthen their lives and overall well-being. To spearhead the movement of ethical fashion, we ensure that we provide decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

Raw materials play an important in the entire ecosystem cycle and we use natural materials where possible, avoiding plastic and toxic substances.

By doing so, we are not just benefitting a specific section but empowering all touchpoints in the entire chain right from the on-ground production to sale.